Why Does God Restore?


PSALM 23:3

He restores my soul;

He guides me in the paths of righteousness

For His name’s sake.

It’s amazing what you discover, when you take time to read God’s Word.  The answer to the question, is found in the verse above.  The reason God restores is…FOR HIS NAME SAKE!

Here are a few verses that shows what happens “FOR HIS NAME SAKE:”

Psalm 23:3-Restores our soul

Psalm 25:11-Pardons our iniquity

Psalm 31:3- Leads and guides us

Psalm 79:9-Delivers and forgives our sins

Psalm 106:8- Saves us

Psalm 109:21-Revives us

Isaiah 48:9-Delays wrath

In this journey called “LIFE” we will all need God to restore us.  From the cares of life, negative people, negative situations, bad decisions and choices.  The key is…when He heals, delivers, saves, leads and guides it’s all for HIS PURPOSE!

 For example, if you’re sick and in need of healing, pray that God would heal you not because you’re tired of the sickness, but you need to feel better so that you can get up and accomplish His will for your life. You can’t do it well if you’re not well!

Let’s Pray:

“Heavenly Father,  I am fully aware that You are the Source of everything I am and everything I have.  I need to be restored, emotionally and physically healed, saved, forgiven and revived in order to be productive in my purpose for You!  Not for selfish gain do I ask, but for the purpose of Your kingdom to come and Your will to be done in my life and here on earth.  FOR YOUR NAME SAKE…AMEN.

*Thanks Diona*